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Marvelous Mutts in Motion, LLC
Positive Focused Dog Training and Behavior Modification
One of the best things about Susan O'Driscoll is her strong belief in positive reinforcement training, both for dogs & humans. She has the background, credentials &, maybe most importantly, the real-life experience to help pet owners train their hairy beasts, big or small; develop good pet--owner relationships, & resolve a wide variety of problems...those so-called 'learning opportunities'. We've had 2 GSD's in her various classes, from Puppy Class, Intermediate & Advanced Obedience, Canine Good Citizen, Nosework, & Agility. Susan is energetic & enthusiastic, has creative (sometimes crazy) ideas & makes class time a fun experience....the dogs just love "going to class!" We highly recommend her for any dog owner who is looking for a positive dog trainer.

Stacey & Gail Frank
Casa Grande, AZ
Both my husband and I have been working with Susan for three years now. We started with our first rescue, Sky. After witnessing such an amazing improvement in Sky's demeanor, we now go to Susan with every new rescue that we adopt. She has never let us down. Every dog we have brought to her has made giant leaps of improvement. Even our most reactive dog has made progress through her training. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my fur-children! 

Nikki and Adam Arias
Arizona City
White Toes attended the puppy training, intermediate training, and "The Other Left" Saturday training.    Being a Rotti, I wanted White Toes to be well  socialized with people and other dogs.  Susan has done an amazing job working with her despite her fearful personality.  White Toes always enjoys going to her doggy classes and seems to know when it's time to go Saturday mornings.  I'm looking forward to Susan's next set of classes for White Toes.
Beth Rumbo
Casa Grande, Az
Susan O'Driscoll is a marvelous trainer. We have taken Doug, our golden retriever/yellow lab mix, to many of her classes over the past 3 years. He has achieved his Canine Good Citizen award, is in the final throes of becoming a certified Therapy Dog, and has eagerly participated in other classes such as nose training, beginning, intermediate, and advanced behavior training, trick training, and precision walking.

Susan has an innate feel for the different personalities of each dog as well as the pet parent. She knows how to work with each of them even in a group class setting. Doug into an enthusiastic learner who is always eager to work with any of the skills she has taught him. Thanks to Susan, he is the best behaved of any of the dogs we have ever owned.   

Dennis, Darla and Doug
Susan is just awesome!   I have taken two of my dogs to Susan for training.  Both of my dogs just absolutely love her.  She is very patient with people as well as their pets.  I have been in several different group classes with Susan and I found her to be a wealth of knowledge.  I have observed her with big dogs as well as teacup size……I would not take my dogs anywhere else!

Kimberly Martin

Barry and Robin fostered May, 2014

Barry was adopted to a forever home January, 2015

Robin was adopted to a forever home 12/14

During the time they were fostered I worked each and every day with them.

This two fellas needed to be socialized and gain self confidence and Susan was great with sharing her ideas and if something didn't work for them she always had another approach. She was very very supportive with training and development and each day I could see them gain self confidence and become more social and happy fellas

Carolyn Pager
Casa Grande

I first met Susan when I had adoptedmy first baby Izzie. I was really excited to start training her and Susan helped us out with that. She was able to instill confidence in me to train Izzie appropriately but while also having fun. We were blessed to see the transformation inIzzie from hyper puppy to an amazing tempered dog. Over the last 10 years, she had helped Izzie, Wally and Stan become Therapy Dogs through her canine good citizen program. She has helped my Kirby, Fiona, Winnie and Mo be relaxed around people and other dogs. She hastaught my children the foundation of dog training with their animals; All whohave been transformed by Susan's guidance. Her instruction is easy to followand fun. I would and have recommended everyone to Susan. Kirby loved life, the kitty's bestfriend, lover of the swimming pool, going to work, our trips to McDonald's for her Ice cream cone, helping with the laundry and rubbing her whole body in fabric sheets, amazing cuddlier along with a bed hog . Her spirit and love willalways live in our hearts. April 1st 2012 - March 29th2015

 Lorri EricksonStore Manager Motoland Store, Casa Grande